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Dr. Pergias made it to the finals!

The game Dr. Pergias’ Race Across the Continent has made it to the finals in The Game Crafter’s Steampunk Design Challenge!

Ben Haskett, the judge, had some nice comments about the game:

Absolutely stellar presentation throughout. Seems like a very simple roll-and-move game at first glance, but reading the rules shows that it’s really more of a resource management game in which players cash in resources for spaces on the board. I love that all of the information is displayed right there on the mat. Great catch-up mechanic with the check points, interesting incentives to stop on certain spaces when it seems like a player could possibly go farther. Looks like a finished product. Once I knew how to play, I was able to point at a picture of the game and explain it to another person in a few sentences. Simple, but not simplistic. Great title!

Thanks Ben for the kind words! Fingers crossed for the finals! Look up the competition at The Game Crafter’s news post.

Designer Diary: Vamps in Concert

I had the idea for “Vamps in Concert” for quite a while. The inspiration came from a band that broke up, only one member was able to launch a succesful solo carreer while the rest of the band struggled to continue in the music scene. Usually members of typical boy/girl bands want to go solo, but only a few manage to succeed.

So there had to be a game in there.

I already did the “Villainous Vamps” game, so why not have those characters as a newly formed girl band? Time to grab my notebook and start designing the game! Read on to find out how this idea became a cardgame!

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