Monogame in the third dimension

Until now most of my games were made in 2D. Sprites and a bit of pseudo 3D- essentially scaling tricks to make thing appear 3D.  For my next project I will need ‘real’ 3D stuff. Time to get familiar with how 3D computer graphics work. I’m still learning so join me while I figure this out.

I will be using Monogame for this project. Why Monogame? Glad you asked. I want to use Monogame for a couple of reasons: I want to learn how things work.
I’ve tried both Unity and Unreal Engine. It worked nice for quick prototypes, but I felt I was struggling learning how these tools work instead of actually getting the result I was looking for. Perhaps my next game will be in Unity once I have a better understanding 3D concepts in general.
Another thing is familiarity: I started creating games in the XNA framework a couple of years ago and have since moved on to Monogame. Stuff like a custom Content Pipeline has become familiar to me.
Furthermore I’m not a 3D modeller. I have the basic concept of my game in my mind and I plan to generate most of the 3D content. Using this concept a familiar tool helps me to focus on what I want to learn.

So time to get familiar with Monogame and basic 3D concepts!


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