New focus: videogames!

Things on this blog have shuffled around a bit. My intention was to have a blog about the board and card games I was creating. I loved to create ruleset and physical cards and gameboards. Unfortunately this turned out to be an expensive hobby and very time consuming. On top of that it required a lot of playtesting. Playtesting is very time consuming and for many people a tedious process. With so many great games in my current gaming group we hardly have time to play the new releases┬álet alone play around with a game mechanic that isn’t fleshed out yet. Then there are a ton of other hobbies…

So I had to decide what I was going to do with the scarce spare time I have. So this is the result: I continue playing boardgames with my friends. I paint miniatures. I play videogames… and: program videogames as a hobby.

The upsides of programming videogames are that I can do it without real additional costs (I already own a decent PC and most of the tools are for free). I practice my programming skills in the meantime. I can do most of the initial playtesting of the game myself. The downside? I’m no 3D modeller or skilled pixel artist nor am I a musician. ┬áSo a lot of games will start out as proof of concept or gameplay mechanics.

So onward! Join me on my adventures in the realm of videogames!

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