Quad Fold Board template

A great looking gaming board is an eye cathing feature of your game. A gameboard gives your players a central focus point and an overview of the game status.

The Game Crafter provides an excellent quality gameboard. I have made a template that is easy to use, so you can quickly generate the left and right images required. Take a look and download the Photoshop template.

So if you downloaded the template, this is how it works:

The above image shows the layers. “Layer 1” is for demonstration purpose- it is a merged layer of one of my game boards.
The “template” folder is where the magic happens.

I have added the cut (red) and safe (blue) lines as you’re used to with the regular templates. They are on their own (transparent) layers.

Inside you will find layers named “right board” and “left board”. If you use the magic wand to select the gray or black area you will have the exact size of the template as required by The Game Crafter. So you can design your gameboard in the Photoshop file and use those layers to quickly select the correct portion of the board!

Copy those selections to a new document and save it as png- Ofcourse you will need to hide the template layer if you are creating your copy.

Upload it to your game and you’re done!

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