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Content processors in Monogame

The flatshaded models are the result of modelling the object in Wings3D then exporting it to XML (vertices and faces). I made my own tool that reads the XML and converts the model to my own VertexPositionNormalColor format. In the tool I can do various tweaks and color the model. This tool then exports the data to an XML file with the extension VPNC.

The file is quite simple really:

It defines 1 black triangle with the normal pointing up.

To handle the meshes in my game I made a simple content processor- this makes using my own models as easy as:

I may make more content processors later for the tracks or any other objects that I use external tools for.

Disclaimer: There may be easier ways to handle flatshaded models (via shaders for example) that’s another topic. This topic shows how to create a content processor, I use my flatshaded model as example.

Continue reading if you want to know how to make a content processor yourself.

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