The 80s Racer

One of my projects is the 80s Racer:

The game is inspired by old school racers such as Outrun (Arcade) and Lotus 2 (Amiga). The game is programmed in C# using the XNA framework. The XNA framework is deprecated so I plan to port it to Monogame someday. The project has stalled because the code is very messy – it basically started as a proof of concept based on Louis Gorenfeld’s Pseudo 3D page. From the concept I kept adding stuff.

The game ┬ácontains several levels with effects such as rain, snow, fog, day-night switches, split road, cliffs and tunnels. I may pick this one up again some day to create a full game from it. Note that ‘Apex’ is the name of the demo group I had with my friends during the Amiga years…

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