In SWAT you and your fellow officers are on a mission. Objective: rescue the hostage from an office building filled with suspects.
Will you be able to disarm the time-bomb before it is too late? Can you reach the hostage in time?

In this game each player takes the role of a SWAT officer; the squad leader, the demolition expert, the entry specialist and the medic. The blueprint of the building unfolds as you breach doors to the next room. Use optiwands to peek in the next room, C4 charges to breach reinforced doors. Eliminate threats as you go.
Careful! If you run out of floor tiles- time is up and the mission fails.

Awarded First Prize for Artwork for The Game Crafter RPG Design competition! Here is what the judge had to say:

The artwork in SWAT drew me in from the start. It’s very simple, yet wonderfully executed. The style is consistent throughout the entire game, and it feels like we’re looking at the final version. The fonts are just right, and the blueprint tiles really capture the feeling of the theme.